Job Prep

Dates: Monday, September 25th
Times: 10:30am-2pm
Location: KCB Office (16429 Bellflower Blvd.)


KCB's unique job prep course teaches you the skills you need to get hired and keep your job.  The second half of the course allows you to learn industry-specific skills in either the food/hospitality industry or the landscape industry.  Our partnerships with local business owners provide enhanced employment opportunities right in our own backyard.  

If you take this class and enroll or complete either 24:7 Dad, MoneySmarts, and/or Love Notes, you may be eligible for paid on-the-job training at a local business.  

24:7 DAD

Dates: TBD (Stay Tuned for Oct. Dates)

24:7 Dad is a nationally recognized program designed for any dad who wants to improve his knowledge and skills to help him raise healthy children.  Topics include: family history, showing & handling feelings, men's health, communication, discipline, children's growth, co-parenting, and balancing work and family.  The Curriculum is part of the National Fatherhood Initiative.  Lunch will be provided both days.  If you are a father, play a "father" role in your family, or will become a father soon, you are welcome to attend this training.  Call us if you have any questions: 562-804-2189.

Love Notes

Dates: (Stay Tuned for Nov. Dates)

Love Notes is an innovative course that integrates relationship skills and workforce readiness with practical strategies for motivating change.  Key topics include:

  • Knowing yourself—personality style, baggage, expectations, mapping your future
  • Forming and maintaining healthy relationships—knowledge, skills, smart steps
  • Frameworks for assessing relationships and making decisions
  • Recognizing unhealthy relationships and responding to dangerous ones
  • Effective communication and conflict management skills—the same soft-skills young people need to succeed at work
  • Intimacy, sexual values, pacing relationships and sex, and planning for choices
  • Unplanned pregnancy and relationship turbulence through the eyes of a child
  • The Success Sequence—how the order of school, commitment, and babies impacts your future

Stay tuned for our next class!


Dates: TBD (Stay Tuned for Nov. Dates)

Money Smart is a comprehensive financial education curriculum designed to help you enhance your financial skills and create positive banking relationships. Topics include choosing and maintaining a checking account, spending plans, the importance of saving, how to obtain and use credit effectively, and the basics of building or repairing credit. 

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